Time to place a port!

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October 16, 2015

This morning Meghan went into surgery to have her port placed. This port will afford her the opportunity to easily receive her Chemo treatments. Her surgeon Dr. Cowher is a straight forward, funny, and very competent physician. She is in great hands!

Before Meghan went into surgery she said “I’m so tired anesthesia won’t even have to put me out– I’m just going to fall asleep!” When the surgeon came out he said the surgery went perfectly except “It took a little bit longer than usual to put her to sleep…her muscles just wouldn’t relax.” HAHAHA. Dr. Cowher was great and explained that everything went excellent and she should recover well. It will take about a week for the port to heal until it can be used.

Meghan recovered in less than an hour, ate, got her makeup done and left for the wedding! Nothing can hold her down!


Monday: Baby Koziels will be frozen and preserved for a later date 🙂

Tuesday: MRI and PET scan testing


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  1. I know a lot of people who have gone through the same stuff your going through, but I have to say your attitude is the MOST positive I have ever seen!!!! Will be following you through this and cheering you on 🙂 #teamsparkle


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