I Do.

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So.. Meghan and John were planning on getting married next year September 3, 2016. But since life happens we have to plan Meg’s wedding in 2 weeks and they need to get married October 31, 2015 before Meghan starts her treatments. The reason they have to get married so quickly is because Meg is only 26, and unfortunately she is off my Dad’s insurance in December. Meg is going to be going through a lot of extensive and expensive treatments and needs to be on John’s insurance. It isn’t the ideal situation but today we found our guardian angels.

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My aunt reached out to the non profit organization, Jamie’s Dream Team. We hopped on a phone call with them and they quickly explained to us that they will make Meg’s dream wedding come true and Meg doesn’t need to worry about paying for anything because she is going to have a lot of medical bills after her treatments are through. We are only taking care of the food and they are helping us get a discount..that is out of this world. When Meg found out the news she was in tears. Her tears were of joy because Jamie and her team are helping us plan Meg’s ultimate dream princess wedding. Meg deserves everything that we are planning for her. She is going to feel like Cinderella and arrive to her wedding in a horse and carriage.. no joke.. Jamie is a guardian angel thats how.

Cindy and I went to The Waterfront to meet with Jamie and her Mom. We sat down and went through Meghan’s whole wedding dream book. From the videographer, dj, photographer, makeup, photo booth.. we can’t even begin to explain how much this means to us. Planning a wedding is stressful enough, but going through breast cancer, insurance, and planning a wedding that would be very rough.

Jamie’s Dream Team is going to give Meghan the most amazing wedding in the world. For it to be possible to plan a wedding in 2 weeks and for Meghan not to pay for it is absolutely a blessing. We are so extremely grateful for Jamie and her team. We would love for you to donate to Jamie’s Dream Team because they are truly miracle workers and have accomplished over 1,000 wishes throughout the country. They are a blessing and they are our angels we are eternally grateful.

We will keep you updated on Meghan and her journey. We are all in such good spirits, and are in a positive mood. We will beat the shit out of this cancer as a family and we will win.

Thank you everyone for all your support. If you would like to donate to Meghan’s wedding please go to Jamie’s Dream Team and click donate. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Samii Ryan

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