When You are Allergic to Everything…

 I just wanted to post a quickie (just not too arousing sorry), filling everyone in on what just happened at chemo.

Today was my round 4/4 of the “bad stuff” aka the red devil as I heard it be called, adriamycin. The day started with a quick vital workup and review of my lab results from my blood that was taken yesterday. I was feeling good after meeting with my amazing bundle of joy, and such a educated person (shout out to Dr. jane Raymond and her team, with a special shoutout to Nurse Jackie) i truly dont think id be doing so well without all the compassionate workers in oncology at allegheny general health network!

Before seeing the doctor I ran back to the treatment room to “call” my seat… Okay it may have been a bit bratty of me, but I love my corner near the potty for good reason! (I literally pee 200 times during chemos). The nurses just laughed at me! I brought them homemade cookie though so a seat reservation is the least they can do😆

My nurse was Denise, and shes just so fabulous I cant put it into words. Myself and Nurse Denise have a history… She was at my very first chemo when my port malfunctioned! Just her luck shes caught with the problem child me!;)

I was accessed which is still a little tender but still 100 x better than an IV placement. I had pre-meds and it was time for RED (aka adramycin- chemo med). She began pushing and I felt exhausted. All morning ive noticed its been difficult to maintain my eyes open. Turns out I started talking and noticed my throat getting tight and words were slurred bc the swelling in my tongue.

She immediately stopped pushing my chemo med, she grabbed my vitals and did her best to keep me stable and confortable. Nurse Trudy whove ive also talked about before ran over to place and IV site in my room and then I was sent to to ER for a chest xray and EKG on my heart. 

After attivan, benedryl, and an additional steroid… I felt like a walking zombie however my tongue wasnt as big as a walrus! I was a tad nervous  for a second id end up in the circus or something… The things that cross my mind.

After much persuasion, I did get the doctors to allow me to Discharge home… And now im resting in my Jacuzzi tub! Thank you babes*

I want to especially thank my friend Amy because she came all the way up (like 4 hr drive) for yesterday and today— we made cookies, relaxed, and then she stayed by my side through my whole reaction, i am so so sorry but so incredibly grateful to have you in my life! Not to mention she gave me the honors of cutting her hair so she can donate it to someone like me! I am so so blessed to have you in my life!

And my husband John, what would I do without you… You can immediately by one squeeze of my hand make me relaxed, thank you for never leaving me and always being there no matter what! I love you to the moon and back a kazillion times✨

Well thats all I got for this one… Cheers to a better tomorrow* supposedly i will finish my chemo treatment in the morning… #sparkleon
Xoxo meg

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  1. Thanks Meg for sharing your story about your day. Think of you daily and hoping that tomorrow brings a much better day !


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