Stepping into Nontraditional Treatments

As many of you know from reading my blog or knowing me personally, Early on into my diagnosis, I decided to be treated traditionally with chemotherapy in conjunction with nontraditional approaches. Ive touched a little about my reiki, but up until this point I havent really explained much about what ive learned to accept and love as a part of my life.

Last weekend, my sister, cousin, and I were treated by my dad to massages and a session in a Himalyan salt cave. We were so totally excited about the experience but hardly knew just how amazing this day would be!

Needless to say, my family and I have had a pretty rough past couple of months… I was diagnosed, started fertilitity treatments, got married, started chemo, its crazy how my life has completely 360* outside of my “plan”. My dad so graciously decided it was time for us to relax, and that was just what we needed.

So he booked our massages at a place called “Peace, Love, Zen” in East Liberty PA! Walking into this place I knew it would change my life. After working all day at a fundraisig event, we were exhausted and opening the front door and walking in to the definition of tranquility was amazing.

You walk in to an earthy painted room with a water feature in the left corner, cozy couches and a wall lit with himalyan salt pieces for sale. The front desk is neat but modern. They had samples of lotioms and Kengan water samples… Talk about amazing! 

We were greeted by the most sweet receptionist and handed forms to fill out prior to our massages. It struck me in that moment that where normally i never had to check anything… My past medical history has become rather significant. Still to this day (even though its getting easier) when i first tell people “i have breast cancer” i get a little choked up. I guess its still sorta sorreal,  like how did this happen to me?!

Anyways… So the massage therapist came out and introduced herself as “J”. She led me back first and out started the questioning. She was so easy to talk to I hardly had room to feel uncomfortable or upset… I couldnt wait to get the massage a going;)

She told me to take off my clothes to where I felt comfortable, then slip onto the amethyst charged heated bed and cover myself with a sheet. I did as I was told, and she returned by a door knock a few minutes later.

The massage… Oh my god! Okay so I never had a professional massage before, i was always nervous it would be awkward or id feel weird… I was soooo missing out! One word to describe a massage is “heaven”. Not kidding! She began my deep tissue healing specifically focusing on my neck and upper back where i soooo needed some love and care.

30 minutes later and far too soon… Time was up and my massage was complete. It took a few minutes for me to self arise… I put my clothes back on and met my sister and cousin in the waiting room.

Next was the most magical of experiences! I am a horrible meditater. I dont know if its because I cant get out of my own head, or simply just love being surrounded by the sound of people. 

We were guided back to a Himalyan Salt Cave— just the name makes me want to say ahhhhh. So relaxing. You walk in, take your shoes off outside and submerged your feet into crystals. Talk about relaxing! Theres a ton of reverse gravity chair set up along the room so naturally we all cuddle up with eachother.

I bundled up in an extra blanket because if by chance I was able to fall asleep… My body temp would decrease– and im always cold anyways… So- 2 blankys it is!

We got a few extra minutes while waiting for another group of “cavers”, they were running late so chose a different time. They began the recording and shit the door… And i cant even explain the experience.

When you take a deep breath in, you can literally feel the oxygen coming out of you finger tips. It is such an amazing feeling. And… With noices of water and birds and wind— i found myself in a trance, then deep sleep.

When time was up I made up my mind that I would sleep there all night! Hahaha if only it was offered;) ha.

I even had a chance to bring my mom back a couple weeks later! So exciting I love spreading this magic✨

I absolutely recommend anyone in a similar situation to mine to reach out and try hollistic approaches! I am not saying dont do tradtional routes because I fully support medicine and Doctors medical training…

I do many of my hollistic treatments through:

Peace Love Zen in East Liberty PA (near pittsburgh)

— accupuncture review to be continued

Xoxo meg