Radiation: Skin Exposed

My radiation posts have been enjoyed by many people, however I’ve been asked a kazillion times about my skin.  Because I promised you all to document EVERYTHING… here it is.  Now, having radiation daily is tiring and taking pictures adds just one more thing to have to do during sessions, however I did my best to document so enjoy!  At the end is my daily selfies I took along my journey… with my clothes on! 🙂

Now, I have mentioned it before…  but my savior throughout radiation and to keep skin hydrated was using products from http://www.rxcannacare.com . Alongside of my amazing Canna Creams, I also used fresh aloe leaves (oh yes… from a real live aloe plant— however I just picked mine up from a local grocery store, real fancy I tell ya!) “So, what is RX Canna Care? Its products are ” a proprietary blend of Vitimans and minerals organic neem oil azadirachta indica, whole flower calendula and rose geranium extract, just to name a few.  Their blends help with fungicide, conditioning, regenerating, restoring, Psoriasis, skin diseases, herpes, allergies, sensitive skin, itching, sunburns”, oh and RADIATION BURN!

What is CBD you ask? CBD is also known as Cannabidiol so yes it is found in cannabis aka pot. This is a non-psychoactive plant and the specific CBD actually makes up 40% of the plant. CBD is NOT THC, therefore it does NOT cause any behavioral or psychoactive effects. CBD has been found to be “a powerful natural anti-inflammatory/antioxidant protects tissue against free radicals, rejuvenate skin, aid natural toning, wrinkle/scar reduction. Remarkable for damaged, agitated, dry, mature skin”. So, why not try it on radiation burn I decided!

Oh and of course your wondering… is it legal? “Our products are made from industrial hemp. Industrial hemp is bred with trace to zero amounts of THC and is rich in CBD. Industrial hemp is not used as a recreational drug like marijuana is because it cannot get you high. It is legal to be grown for hemp products and commodities in foreign countries. The FDA considers hemp oil produced from industrial hemp to be a dietary supplement, so if you live in the USA, it is legal to purchase and consume our CBD because it contains zero to trace amounts of THC”- Thank you RX Canna Care for clearing that up!

To my surprise, my doctors were SHOCKED by the effects and the outcome of my skin care and ultimately my little research project I decided to undergo.  I applied my cream in the morning and >1 hr prior to sessions, right after treatment, and before bed so about 2-3x/ day.  Now, something I didn’t know is that you should be moisturizing the entire radiated and SURROUNDING areas including your back if you are getting radiation to your breasts.  In my case, I wasn’t instructed to moisturize my back and arm pit therefore I did burn however once I felt the burning occur, I started hydrating instantly and was able to catch it before scarring occured.

All in all, everyones skin is different… CBD worked for me, and I’m sure it can work for you but make sure to talk to your doctor before trying any new regimens.  In other lotions like aquaphor, cocoa butter etc— the ingredients are near the same in RX Canna Care lotions, however have all the ingredients of these well known brands that doctors recommend for patient going through radiation.

I hope my tips can help you keep your skin moisture and BURN FREE! Good luck.

June 7, 2016- Radiation session 1/30
June 8, 2016- Radiation session 2/30
June 9, 2016- Radiation 3/30
June 10, 2016- Radiation Session 4/30
June 13, 2016- Radiation Session 5/30
June 15,2016- Radiation Session 7/30
June 16, 2016- Radiation Session 8/30
June 21, 2016- Radiation Session 11/30
June 22, 2016- Radiation Session 12/30
June 23,2016- Radiation Session 13/30
June 28, 2016- Radiation Session 16
June 29, 2016- Radiation Session 17
July 2, 2016- Radiation 19/30
July 7, 2016- Radiation Session 22/30
July 8, 2016- Radiation Session 23/30
July 10, 2016- Radiation Session 24/30
July 13, 2016- Radiation Session 26/30

July 14, 2016- Radiation Session 27/30 (armpit burn)

July 20, 2016- Radiation Session 29/30

July 21, 2016- Radiation Session 30/30
1 week after radiation





4 thoughts on “Radiation: Skin Exposed

  1. Hello! Which of the CBD creams did you use? Since we’re supposed to use unscented creams, I’m assuming the Natural one? My last chemo was yesterday, whoot whoot!!! Thank you for all the information you provide. Your energy & positive spirit has helped me stay positive & smiling through this tough experience. :o)
    Thank you!


    • My doctors never said unscented, actually he encouraged me to use cocoa butter! All their creams are natural and the benefits really worked for me! My skin is back to normal! No marks!!!


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