1 Year Cancerversary


One year ago today I received a call. A call that would change my life forever. This picture was taken 2 days prior after I went in for an ultrasound, mammogram, and biopsy of my right breast. This was my first breast cancer selfie! One year ago today, I had two boobs. I had two nipples. I was naive to life!

I thought I knew what strength, courage and success was. I was engaged, with a new house and a crazy puppy! One year ago today, sitting in the giant eagle parking lot I found out that I had breast cancer! October 12, 2016 was my 1 year #cancerversary . There are soooo many feelings that I feel towards this day.


Although many may think I am sad looking back on this past year of my crazy life… but that is completely opposite of how I see this day! Today, I am alive! I am technically cancer free! I have learned what life is all about! I have an amazing loving husband, extremely supportive family, incredible friends, and have met so many wonderful people along my cancer journey! I have the opportunity to advocate, and share my story… and people actually care enough to listen! On my one year #cancerversary , and during #breastcancerawarenessmonth I challenge YOU to feel those boobies and reach out for help if ANYThInG is abnormal! It is scary, I get it… I was there, but getting help saved my life! #sparkleon


One year ago, this was the face as I waited for my PCP to eventually feel my boob and be concerned enough to send me for further stat testing. I had long golden hair, and I thought I had my life planned, little did I know that one year ago today Id be diagnosed with stage 2b breast cancer…Dr. Dutta, thank you for saving my 26 year old life❤️ #cancerversary #breastcancerawarenessmonth #sparkleon #throwback #prechemo #precancer #breastcancer #sothankful


I received THE most beautiful gift from my #chemoversary date partner and absolutely talented designer @byyoursidecollection ! I wore this today, on my official one year of diagnosis and all the kids at school kept grabbing my wrist to look at it! What you have done with your journey and sharing happiness and sparkle is so amazing! I look up to you in sooo many ways! Words do t even describe how amazing this gift is and how i will treasure it everyday I look down and say “hell yes i did it by taking it one step at a time”!


And to my husband, thank you for always bringing a smile to my face and making these “weird” “special days” as special as they can be! I ABSOLUTELY LOVEEEEE my flowers and you really should be a famous poet 😉 Thank you for standing by my side this past year, I could NOT have done it without you!

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This has been one CRAZY year for sure.  It has had many ups and a kazillion downs, but with my fantastic family and friends by my side… Ive made it, just like I promised from the very beginning.  This journey has made me a stronger, more courageous, creative, and a better me, and that is one thing that I would never change about this journey!

Xoxox Cheers to a lifetime of clear, healthy cancerversaries to come


xo Meg