Christmas Blues: Injury/Sickness Christmas 2016 with the Koziels

img_8120I look back at my Timehop, and the past 5 years at least… I’ve been sick on Christmas. Now, I’m not even talking like cancer sick. I swear, people at my old jobs had to of thought I was just trying to get more holiday time off… because I swear its like Christmas eve eve and BANG its like sickness shall dwell upon Meghan. I am not even kidding.

So, as you all know I had my lovely breast reconstruction or “foobies” as I like to refer to them placed last Thursday– blog to come. It really time-wise worked out perfectly because with my new school-based job, I get an extended holiday break as it is vs. working Christmas eve late shift in the hospital, working the day after Christmas and only having New Years off as my “holiday” because I would always let the people with kids get Christmas time. Plus,  I used to love to party it up for New Years!

Anyways… so the days leading to my surgery, Meghan’s luck what happens… I get a sore throat and cough. Like go freakin figure. I swear i chugged about 3 boxes of Theraflu because I refused for the doctor to cancel my procedure. So ya dada, I get my foobies. Of course, learning experience! Infection aside, I get why doctors ask if you’ve had a cough in X amount of days, because holy hells does it hurt to cough post op boob job! I mean, I’m sure they don’t really care about that reason… but for reals! Every time I had to cough I was legit doubled over and couldn’t actually complete a full cough, pathetic I know but it freakin hurt!

Okay, back to Christmas sicknesses. So, one week and a few days post foobies, Christmas eve eve and John and I are running around like majority of The world because Christmas is only a few days a way. Side note:  Why do people wait until the last minute for Christmas shopping? I told John today, its not like Christmas magically changes every year… hells, its legit on December 25th every stinkin year… and we have a whole 364 days to prepare for it yearly… why do we wait for days before to rush around to make it perfect? I dont know… but, John has been complaining about a headache all day. Ive loaded him up with Exedrin and hes been busy with power tools in the garage and “im not allowed” in my closet… thats all I know, i guess we will have to wait until Christmas to debunk that mystery.

Anyways, on and off all day hed come upstairs and say how he has this headache in the front of his head. Hed sit down a while, play on his phone, then get back to tinkering. Its probably like 6:00 pm and his little cousins come over so their parents and make the Christmas magic come to life… and we had all these plans to watch ALL “The Santa Clause” movies and go see the lights downtown. John says again, “wow my head really hurts”. He sits down and starts complaining that hes cold. Big red flag, John is NEVER ever cold! I decide to feel his head and hes burning up. I grab my thermometer and he has a freakin fever of 102*. Oh just lovely.

So, I quarantined him in the basement and am running around making snacks etc for the boys. I gave him some tylenol and theraflu and in a little while his lovely fever started to go down as beads of sweat dripped down his forehead.

Our upstairs bathroom needed toilet paper so I brought some up and came back downstairs to check on my sickied up little hubby because Im usually the one sick and he takes care of me, I’m not used to this reversed role here! So I’m walking down the stairs and BAM. Yup, a week post-op and I fell right down the stairs. Damn protective reflexes caused my arms to out stretch to help catch my fall and I felt a pop. FUCK!

Instant pain down my chest, anxiety because I’m scared I messed up my tits, and back to the jolts of pain that were shooting down my right boob. Mother of pearl! John jumps up from a dead sleep, I’m hysterical… were a freakin mess.

He does what he does best and calms me down. I take some pain medicine, and decide to drive his little cousins down the road to my mother in laws house. I decided John and I officially need to go to bed. I instructed my dear hubby to jump in the shower and scrub off the sweat from his fever breaking. I get home and his hair is dry.

He goes you will not believe what happened. So apparently, he went down the lower basement stairs (side note: i fell down the middle basement stairs), and he fell whacking his elbow and back. In his words “i went down hard”. Like what are the freakin chances…

So, both Koziel’s are all banged up… no hospital visits just yet, but we shall see in the morning. For now it is safe to say, we need to get some sleep! And I hope and pray we are both better for some Christmas fun in the days to come!

UPDATE: I had many Christmas surprises this year! 1. My little sister surprised me and came all the way to Pittsburgh with my dad, so it was truly magical getting to spend the weekend with her! and 2.  John made me the ultimate organized closet! He is truly my handyman! Life is oh so good<3

Xo Meg