Introducing:She Sparkles On Boutique

Logo Small.pngEver since I was a little girl, I dreamt of being a mom, a teacher, a vet, a lawyer, and a doctor. I became an Occupational Therapist, then a puppy mommy, then a wife, and truly embraced my life! I’ve always loved helping others and volunteering so my job as an OT was perfect because I get to make a difference in peoples lives everyday.


Once I was diagnosed with breast cancer in October 2015, all my life plans and goals were lost in an abyss filled with appointments, treatments, and the world of cancer. I had to leave my job as an acute care Occupational Therapist because I was physically de-conditioned as well as had a lowered immune system to be working with already sick patients. It was then that I decided to use my time off from work to continue my life mission of making a difference in the world.

When I was going through treatments, I received many amazing gifts from family, friends and acquaintances that truly made my days. The power of a gift, whether small or large took my mind off of my reality for a split second and kept me going. One common thing I found with “breast cancer” themed gifts (to no ones surprise I’m sure) was anything and everything with a pink ribbon. At the time, seeing that symbol to me, simply meant cancer. It didn’t mean surviving because at that time I was truly fighting for my life, felt insecure, and scared.

Although I am not anti that little ribbon, today I am proud to see it because I am officially a survivor. However, I found a need for cancer gifts to not be so harsh and including that ribbon on every single piece of merchandise that benefits breast cancer awareness…

Thus came the creation of She Sparkles On Boutique.

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Going through treatments, feeling the sickest i’ve ever felt, being placed on short term disability, its all completely life changing. But, it also gives you time to think… how can I make a difference in the cancer community? I am a creative person and have numerous ideas swirling around in my chemo curled head that I am so excited to share with the world!

Instead of giving up and just going with the flow of my cancer journey, I have decided to change my fate. My goal is to save lives… but more importantly put a smile on someones face who has been locked in the bathroom staring at their reflection in the mirror and seeing a stranger looking back at them. I spent countless hours in hsterics over losing my hair, and now a days, I am the hardest on myself over my post treatment hormone therapy plump body that is far less defined than my pre-cancer sexy self;) When someone feels lost, I want my Sparkle On line to brighten their day.

Full of wit, humor, beauty, and glitter, She Sparkles On Boutique offers different lines of original themed designs. Split up in different collections, She Sparkles On has something for everyone whether they are going through active chemo or radiation, have had surgeries like lumpecty or mastectomies, are a previvor, co-survivor, or simply wanting to support any cancer diagnosis out there in the world.

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In designing my company, I put a lot of me and my style in the work. I rarely wear a classic t-shirt so I really wanted my designs to reflect accessories that are stylish that anyone could wear to support the cancer cause but also be sparkly and stylish at the same time! Incorporating styles like a sexy v-neck fitted tee, a beautiful flowy tank, a light weight t-shirt hoodie, and even some more traditional styled t-shirts for a more generic look, the styles are truly unique and to be an inspirational staple of anyones closet! From shirts, to tanks, to sweatshirts, to blankets that help with those days you just want to cuddle up because you need a hug… this is the line that will encourage you to SparkleOn!

But thats not all! My mission has always been to help others. So, aside from people having an alternative to pink ribbon themed gifts, I am also going to be donating portions of every single order so that these gorgeous designs can be shared and brighten the days of young people all around the world facing the cancer journey! Thats right, I will be making large quarterly donations of products to hospitals and individuals through giveaways so make sure to follow me on instagram: Mego Koziel for details!

How to get to my boutique you ask? Thats Easy! Click the “Boutique” button on my blog header, or check out my direct link to the shop at I will host many deals and discounts as well as new product so if you would like to bring a little sparkle to someones life with a very special gift designed and created by me, a cancer advocate, survivor, and sparkle enthusiast- head over and shop your heart out!

I am so so so excited and blessed for this launch, I have so many ideas and products in the works. Stay tuned because She Sparkle On WILL be known as THE place to put a smile on a patients face and provide inspiration to #sparkleon
Xoxo Meg

Ps: a very special thanks to my brother in law Dave Koziel of The Beer Life for making all my business dreams come true! Without you, none of this would have been possible!!! Xo